About Us

Fabricating Plastic For 40 Years

E & D Plastics was established in 1980. Then Lynn was working for Cadillac Plastics in Dallas where is customers, Ed and Delores, offered him a plastics fabrication company. Lynn took this opportunity to his family and with their support and backing, they all jumped head first into this new venture.

From the beginning, E & D Plastics has been a family affair. Lynn, his parents Ralph and Geneva and his brother Mark immediately thrived with clients such as Exxon Mobile, Texas Instruments, Blockbuster and Chuck E. Cheese.

Today clients range from top interior designers, retail stores, museums, independent artist, restaurants, florist, contractors and as always, the public. Lynn and Mark are still working alongside their wives and children. E & D Plastics has become a wealth of knowledge in the plastic fabrication industry and the standard for whom all else strive. What started out as small 900 sq. foot shop in West Dallas has transformed into a 10,000 sq. foot state of the art facility now located in the Dallas Design District.

Meet our Team

Lynn Littlejohn

Sir Ralph Lynn Littlejohn, Second of His Name. King of The Plastic, The Acrylic, and The First Lucite. Lord Commander of the Shop, Ruler of the Emails and Master of Coin!

Corey The Creator

Corey Plasticborn of House Littlejohn First of His Name, The Acrylicslayer, Prince of the Lucite, Protector of the Shop, Warden of the Lamp Bases and Hand to the King.

Chad The Famed Framer

Though Chad has many skills, Art enhancement would be his expertise. Whether it is frames for family photographs or frames for silk dressing gowns to be hung in museums, Chad does it all and he does it all with precision.


One of the most integral members of our team. Bibi has been with us since day one. There is nothing she does not know and nothing she can not do. Without her we would be lost.

Henry The Saver

Henry the Bubba Gump of legs. He specializes in tapered legs, round legs, square legs, cabrial legs, chambord legs, S-shaped legs, Greek key legs, table legs, bench legs, chair legs, stool legs. You name it, Henry can do it.


Cradle Extraordinaire. Gus talents are uniquely his own. When items can not be secured through our usual methods we turn to Gus. Through careful bending and molding with heat he creates one of a kind cradles tailored to hold each individual item. His skill is truly an art form and amazing to behold.


Gloria started her career in plastic fabrication in Los Angeles. When moving to Texas she wished to continue her career. Knowing of our reputation in the industry, she contacted us and the rest is history. Possibly one of the most crucial member to our team, Gloria ensures each piece is polished to perfection when leaving our door.

Charlie Littlejohn

Chief Barketing Director. Charlie joined the company in 2011. Since his arrival morale has sky rocketed and the number of uneaten snacks has been eliminated.


The warehouse exterminator.